Who we are

We are a talented bunch of artists, coders, creatives and passionate leaders who have come together to "be the change we want in the world". With backgrounds in software development, game design, creative marketing, manufacturing, and product development we help other passionate organizations achieve.

History and Concept

Tellus Aware uses emerging digital technology to create innovative ways of communicating current ecological concerns. Tellus is an early Roman goddess of the earth. Tellus Mater ("Mother Earth") was the name of the original earth goddess in the early Roman Republic. The scholar Varro (1st century BC) lists Tellus as one of the twenty principal gods of Rome, and one of the twelve agricultural deities.


Our awesome features

Our Board

Jeff Meyers

Technical Executive that brings his immense experience with visualization to environmental issues.

Barbara Aylesworth

Preserving and protecting Water and Wetlands is her long time passion. Visualization of real world environmental data is her calling.

William Aylesworth

"Technology must be efficient so people can be effective" A Tool builder from day one. Systems, Processes, People and Products are his mission.

Scott Combs
Board Member

Creative Director and Leader drawing on his expertise to help clients express their environmental vision.

Adam Serhane
Executive Director

A passionate artist and life long gamer with professional experience in 3D Modeling and Asset Creation. Determined to put his mentoring mark on the gaming industry, he is also an adjunct professor at Center for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI. .

Connect with us

Reach us at: info@tellusaware.org