Our Focus : United Nations Sustainable Development Strategies

In 2015, the United Nations Member States adopted The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, a shared blueprint to grow a more sustainable world. This call to action outlined 17 goals, and we are focused on three: #6 Clean Water and Sanitation, #14 Life Below Water #15 Life on Land. Our two programs areas, Biodiversity and Water, look to these UN strategies for guidance.

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Our awesome features
Our awesome features

Biodiversity Life on Land, Life Below Water

"We are facing a global crisis. We are totally dependent upon the natural world. It supplies us with every oxygen-laden breath we take and every mouthful of food we eat. But we are currently damaging it so profoundly that many of its natural systems are now on the verge of breakdown." - David Attenborough The Economics of Biodiversity: The Dasgupta Review We are putting our talented artists and designers to work on creating experiences which highlight biodiversity issues and, more importantly, the solutions to these critical problems.

Water Aware Clean Water and Sanitation

"I believe water will be the defining crisis of our century — from droughts, storms, and floods to degrading water quality. We'll see major conflicts over water and the proliferation of water refugees. We inhabit a water planet, and unless we protect, manage, and restore that resource, the future will be a very different place from the one we imagine today." - Alexandra Cousteau Our leadership and talent are working to bring awareness to public health and environmental water quality.

Our awesome features